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Variable schedule


Columbia Basin Hospital is looking for individuals with entry-level experience in cleaning practices and general housekeeping to cover shifts on an as needed basis.


The Housekeeper is primarily responsible for the general and routine cleaning and sanitizing of the facility.


  1. Cleans facility floors using the correct method and equipment.
  2. Cleans a variety of rooms, offices, and departments including but not limited to patient rooms, utility rooms, exam rooms, Laboratory, Radiology, linen rooms, administrative offices, and rest rooms.
  3. Cleans patient rooms and units. Washes, strips, and makes patient/resident beds.
  4. Washes interior windows and blinds.
  5. Picks up garbage, in all areas of the facility, washes waste cans, and relines with clean plastic liners.
  6. Cleans lighting fixtures, vents, and hard to reach areas using the proper method and equipment.
  7. Washes or dusts a variety of surfaces, including but not limited to, stainless steel, mirrors, furniture, casters, and glass.
  8. Demonstrates knowledge of all phases of housekeeping duties and is able to cover, rotate or alternate tasks or shifts as needed to accommodate the workload.


Open until filled

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