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Nursing positions


West Wing


Full Time


7a - 7:30p variable days and every other weekend



  1. Completes all admission paperwork and documentation for all Acute Care, Observation and Swing Bed admits including medication reconciliation.
  2. Provides medications and treatments with appropriate documentation to Acute Care, Swing Bed patients.
  3. Performs patient assessments on all acute, observation and swing bed patients including admission assessments.
  4. Assists with all direct patient care as a team member, including answering lights, baths, vital signs, etc.
  5. Supervises CNA's to ensure that all patients/residents receive proper care as delegated with individual care plans.
  6. Monitors medication supplies and provides Omnicare Pharmaceutical with a weekly drug order to ensure continuation of medications and treatments.
  7. Appropriate and complete charting for all acute, observation and swing bed patients. Ensures appropriate charting is complete on Long term swing Residents.
  8. Performs basic and advanced nursing procedures as dictated by the physician's orders and patient assessments and documents all care given.
  9. Documents discharge instructions including follow up visits on AVS and provides to patients upon discharge.
  10. Transcribes written physician orders for swing bed admits from outside CBH.
  11. Ensures completion of proper documentation of any falls, skin tears or bruises including phone calls to physicians and families.
  12. Communicates and problem solves with Medication Review for complete and accurate medication management.
  13. Assists in maintaining optimal physiological function of all patients.
    1. Maintains, restores and encourages activity.
    2. Monitors and promotes adequate nutrition and hydration.
    3. Monitors and assesses the body systems of individual patients including respiratory, cardiac, electrolytes, etc.
  14. Specific shift assignments:

7 am – 7 pm

  1. Checks crash carts and documents on log daily.
  2. Checks crash cart on monthly basis for outdates.

7pm – 7 am

  1. Checks Pharmacy refrigerator temperature daily.
  2. Completes glucometer QC daily.
  1. Provides patient teaching for individual patients as appropriate.
  2. Reports new problems that develop on individual patients to the Provider and DNS.
  3. Encourages and maintains patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  4. Assists in completion of administrative forms and reports.
  5. Promotes a safe environment for patients and staff by reporting unsafe practices, equipment, etc.
  6. Checks that all patient / resident care plans are updated and current.

Salary Range:

$31.47 - $44.95


Open until filled

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