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Part-Time 24 hrs/Pay Period



The Long Term Care Nurse will be responsible for directing the patient care of the residents in long term care during assigned times. The nightshift nurse is responsible for the evening/HS medication pass as well as prn medications on Assisted Living.


  1. Follows the role of the Long Term Care Nurse and the responsibilities with staff as well as residents according to policies and procedures of the facility.
  2. Follows universal precautions during care and supervision of staff in same.
  3. Encourages and promotes good interpersonal relationships with team members and provide a team manner of supervision.
  4. Reviews and abides by code of ethics and supervises others in the same.
  5. Reviews and maintains patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  6. Prepares and passes medications and treatments on hours scheduled with appropriate charting of changes. Administers PRN’s and record with a note if results obtained.
  7. The nurse in charge on all shifts must know the condition of all residents on his/her unit.
  8. The long term care licensed staff is responsible for supervising the Certified Nursing Assistants during the shift. This includes all care including feeding, passing trays, nourishment and fresh water, ambulation, ROM, personal care, toileting and bed checks, and any orders on nursing orders specific to the individual residents. Rooms should be tidied including utility areas and equipment.
  9. The Long Term Care Nurse will leave word at the desk of her whereabouts at all times.
  10. No personnel may leave their unit without authorization of the nurse in charge.
  11. All new residents will have nursing histories and nursing assessments to include: vital signs, height, weight and an assessment of skin condition. Patient’s Rights will be signed and Residents will be given information on Advance Directives. This will be documented on admission progress notes.
  12. Checks BM list for laxatives needs, on third day if no BM, give laxative.
  13. When new problems develop on individual patients, the nurse in charge is responsible for reporting to medical provider if needed. Please note vital signs and specifics on Progress Notes. Alert charting will be started by Long Term Care Nurse according to Alert charting Policy.
  14. When accidents occur involving visitors or patients, have involved staff fill out a Quality Assurance Memo and turn it into your supervisor as soon as possible. Family and Physicians are to be notified of all accidents, including falls, skin tears and bruises. Proper documentation will be done according to facility policy.
  15. When accidents occur involving staff, an incident report will be completed online by employee and Supervisor.
  16. If a situation occurs that a patient’s condition changes for the worse, the licensed staff on duty must contact the family. Documentation of the above is mandatory.
  17. The Long Term Care Nurse will be responsible that all patients’ rights are honored under his/her supervision. Review the resident rights on a regular basis. Examples: answering lights promptly, free from abuse, physical or mental and treated with dignity and respect.
  18. Nailcare for diabetics will be done by licensed staff as needed.
  19. Assist doctors if rounds are made and carry out new orders.
  20. Consistent attendance is essential to this job.
  21. Performs other duties as assigned.
  22. Drug count of Class II and III drugs at the start and end of each 12 hr. shift on NW and at the end of the shift on Assisted Living.
  23. Receives the Pharmacy tote and disperses / signs in the medications received to both NW and AL and puts them away in the medication carts.
  24. Demonstrates knowledge of infection control standards and adheres to the guidelines for handwashing, standard precautions, and bloodborne pathogens as required by DOSH.
  25. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information at all times as observed by peers and management.
  26. Demonstrates awareness of safe work habits and maintains a safe working environment by adhering to department and hospital policies, including but not limited to, zero lift, SDS, body mechanics and ergonomics.
  27. Demonstrates compliance to all Human Resources policies, including but not limited to, attendance, dress code, smoking, and name badges.
  28. Attends department meetings, in-services and participates in mandatory education.
  29. Conducts self in a professional manner and is pleasant, respectful, and courteous in all interactions with patients, families, staff, and other visitors to the hospital.
  30. Promotes effective working relationships and works cohesively with employees both within and outside of the department.
  31. Understands and demonstrates the mandatory reporting process for abuse or neglect as required by the Department of Social and Health Services.
  32. Each night, after midnight, the nurse must put in Daily Charge for each Resident on Assisted Living.
  33. The Nurse will complete the end of month check-out/check-in process each month on Assisted Living.


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