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Nursing positions


Assisted Living


Part-Time 24hrs/Pay Period


6:00 am - 6:30pm



The Assisted Living Nurse will be responsible for directing the patient care of residents in assisted living during assigned times.


  1. Follows the roles and responsibilities of a nurse with staff and residents according to the policies and procedures of the facility.
  2. Prepares and passes medications and treatments as scheduled and provides appropriate documentation. Administers PRNs and documents results as obtained.
  3. Knows the condition of all residents on the unit. Documents changes in conditions, physician visits or pertinent comments regarding the residents.
  4. Supervises the other AL staff and assists with care of the residents, including, but not limited to: meal serving, personal care, laundry, and any orders on the resident flow sheets specific and individualized. Tidies rooms, utility areas, and equipment.
  5. Completes nursing histories and assessments on all new residents, including: temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, height, weight and assessment of skin condition. The LPN assists the RN with the assessment as indicated. The nurse oversees the completion of all necessary admission paperwork.
  6. Assists with preparing the care plans including updates and noting changes. The care plan includes: scheduling baths, ADL skills needed, special adaptive equipment, etc.
  7. Reports problems or changes of a resident/patient to the medical care provider, if necessary. Follows the Alert Charting Policy.
  8. When accidents occur involving visitors or residents, completes a Quality Management Memo and forward to the DNS as soon as possible. Notifies family and physician if an accident occurs, including falls, skin tears and bruises.
  9. When accidents involving staff occur, instructs staff to complete an online Employee Injury Report and completes the Supervisor’s Report online if applicable.
  10. Contacts family and completes documentation if a resident’s condition changes.
  11. Carries out new orders given by Providers.
  12. Notifies Omnicare Pharmacy by fax or phone when new medications are ordered or changes are made.
  13. Completes nail care for diabetics, as needed and schedules appointments with Podiatrist.
  14. Completes narcotic count with night nurse at the beginning of the shift and signs narcotic ledger.
  15. Attends inservices, staff meetings, participates in mandatory education, and care planning to improve and maintain skills and improve care of the residents.
  16. Reviews and maintains patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  1. Demonstrates knowledge of infection control standards and adheres to the guidelines for handwashing, standard precautions, and bloodborne pathogens as required by DOSH.
  2. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information at all times as observed by peers and management.
  3. Demonstrates awareness of safe work habits and maintains a safe working environment by adhering to department and hospital policies, including but not limited to, zero lift, SDS, body mechanics and ergonomics.
  4. Demonstrates compliance to all Human Resources policies, including but not limited to, attendance, dress code, smoking, and name badges.
  1. Conducts self in a professional manner and is pleasant, respectful, and courteous in all interactions with patients, families, staff, and other visitors to the hospital.
  2. Promotes effective working relationships and works cohesively with employees both within and outside of the department.
  1. Understands and demonstrates the mandatory reporting process for abuse or neglect as required by the Department of Social and Health Services.


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