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Certified Nursing Assistant


Nursing positions


Assisted Living


6:00 am - 2:30 pm every other weekend, Nights 11:00 pm - 6:00 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday



The NAC assists residents of Assisted Living in all aspects of daily living; allowing each resident to function at his/her highest level.


  1. Renders assistance to residents in need and documents on NAC flowsheets.
  2. Observes residents and reports changes in resident’s condition to the charge nurse.
  3. Follows daily schedule:
    1. Assists in bathing residents in tub or shower according to the bath list.
    2. Assists with combing hair, cutting nails (except of Diabetic residents) and assist in dental care individualized for each resident.
    3. Assists with or provides pericare as per care plan.
    4. Changes bed linens, if indicated.
    5. Collects and bag soiled linens, dispose of waste in the proper receptacles.
    6. Sees that residents have supplies: soap, toilet paper, etc.
  4. Assists with serving meals that are palatable and appetizing in appearance.
  5. Reports change of resident’s eating habits to charge nurse.
  6. Assures that food and supplies for the next meal are ready and available, reports need for supplies.
  7. Sets tables for each meal and clears tables after each meal, respecting the rights of the residents to have ample time to eat and socialize.
  8. Keeps dining room, nurse’s station, bathrooms, and activity areas tidy and tables wiped.
  9. Assists residents in walking to various areas of the facility.
  10. Answers call lights promptly.
  11. Assists resident with selecting activity of choice.
  12. Participates in care planning related to the services and needs of the residents and family.
  13. Reports all hazardous conditions / equipment to the charge nurse or Plant Manager.
  14. Demonstrates willingness to work rotating shifts and overtime, if necessary.
  15. Must be willing to work with/train students.



  1. Makes beds for the residents that need assistance.
  2. Cleans resident’s rooms as needed between housekeeping days. Empties garbage, cleans toilets if soiled, and refrigerators if they hoard food, etc.
  3. Checks residents for assistance with dressing, grooming, pericare, etc. according to their care plan. If they need more care than is noted on the care plan, report it to the charge nurse.
  4. Completes any laundry started by night shift.


  1. Labels individual resident’s laundry, collects and takes into laundry room with hangers, reminds residents of laundry needs.
  2. Assists with the bedtime care as indicated by the nursing orders.


  1. Launders the resident’s laundry according to the schedule. Follows the procedure for the laundry and does not mix resident’s clothes.
  2. Cleans the common areas, including toilets, sinks, cupboards and floors. Housekeeping does some areas during the week. Common areas are:
    1. Bathroom: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    2. Utility Rooms: Sunday
    3. Tub Room: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    4. Kitchen: Every night
    5. TV Room: Friday
    6. Sitting Room: Friday
    7. Activity Room: Saturday
    8. Employee Locker Room: Sunday
    9. Beauty Shop: Wednesday, Thursday
    10. Laundry Room: Every night
    11. Nurses station (including medication room): Every night
  3. Cleaning includes:
    1. Vacuuming
    2. Dusting
    3. Washing floors
    4. Washing window
    5. Cleaning counters
  4. Prepares food list for the resident’s kitchen

All essential functions listed below are for every AL NAC shift:

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of infection control standards and adheres to the guidelines for handwashing, standard precautions, and bloodborne pathogens as required by DOSH.
  2. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information at all times as observed by peers and management.
  3. Demonstrates awareness of safe work habits and maintains a safe working environment by adhering to department and hospital policies, including but not limited to, zero lift, SDS, body mechanics and ergonomics.
  4. Demonstrates compliance to all Human Resources policies, including but not limited to, attendance, dress code, smoking, and name badges.
  5. Attends department meetings and participates in mandatory education.
  6. Conducts self in a professional manner and is pleasant, respectful, and courteous in all interactions with patients, families, staff, and other visitors to the hospital.
  7. Promotes effective working relationships and works cohesively with employees both within and outside of the department.
  8. Understands and demonstrates the mandatory reporting process for abuse or neglect as required by the Department of Social and Health Services.


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