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Release of Information (requesting medical records)

The 'How Do I' flyer has quick information on renewing or signing up for health insurance, along with other assistance needs.

View the 'How Do I' flyer here: English, Spanish, or Slovak.

Columbia Basin Hospital
200 Nat Washington Way
Ephrata, WA 98823
509.754.4809 (fax)
Map and driving directions

Columbia Basin Family Medicine
220 Nat Washington Way
Ephrata, WA 98823
509.754.2351 (fax)
Map and driving directions

Additional Numbers

509.754.4631, x1221

509.754.6356 (fax)

Admissions and Social Services
509.717.5208 | 509.717.5213 (fax)

Billing Office
509.754.4631, x1206

Emergency Room
509.754.6569 (fax)

Public Relations/Foundation
509.754.4631, x1260 | 509.754.4809 (fax)

Health Information/Medical Records
509.754.4631, x1300 | 509.754.2351 (fax)

Human Resources
509.754.4631, x1240 | 509.754.6356 (fax)

Nursing Administration
509.754.6584 (fax)